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CPI Announces New Product at Guangzhou Vending Fair 2018

CPI announces its new product at the 6th China (Guangzhou) Int’l Vending Machine & Self-service Facilities Fair 2018, Apr 4-6th.

The Guangzhou Vending Fair of this year has enlarged its size to 3 times of last year’s. Besides of Vending, the focuses expand to smart retail and unattended store. More than 300 exhibitors domestic and abroad set their booths at the show, which attract over 30,000 professional visitors. The booth of CPI is 20% larger than last year’s. The product lines for the Vending and Retail markets are demonstrated. The new product, RV-900 series is unveiled to the industry.

CPI’ booth at Guangzhou Vending Fair 2018

Developed upon the deep insights into the needs of China’s Vending customers, the RV-900 series bill validator has rich features achieving multiple “first of industry” – Multi-width acceptance (up to 100 RMB), High volume cashbox, Security lockable cashbox, Full-line scanning validation, Unique note path design to reduce jam, as well as Anti-fishing protection. What brings the biggest interest to the visitors is the cashless bezel option. The RV-900 bill validator equipped with the cashless bezel is able to handle all the payment methods including cash, QR code scanning and Union Pay Quick Pass NFC on a single standard panel on the vending machine. The cashless bezel is connected to the backend management network 24x7 online, through which cashless payment, transaction management, status monitor and route planning are enabled. Compared to the existing solutions, the new solution by CPI offers the highest integration, compatibility and expansibility. For both retrofit and new vending machines, the all-in-one bezel offers an opportunity for the operator to achieve higher profitability with reasonable investment.

“Though cashless is everywhere in our daily life, the latest data reviles that 40-50% of the consumers are willing to pay by cash on a vending machine.” Bo Xing, CPI’s Senior Director of GC Sales suggests, “We’ve developed the new product based on the real needs of the market. Only by offering the consumers with the freedom to select how they would like to pay, the sales opportunity could be maximized for the operators. In the upcoming era of IoT, the operation management platform will play a more important role to improve the operation efficiency.”

The new product of CPI — RV-900 series

Live demonstration of RV-900 Cashless Bezel ona vending machine

Vending OEMs and operators have shown great interests to the RV-900 series product. Although they have to wait for more than one month before the mass production, many of the customers are asking for test samples and field trials. Customers from Thailand, Korea and Australia are also expecting for the specific models for their countries.

CPI is now planning for the Shanghai Self-service and Vending Show in the end of April, where more features of the new product will be demonstrated.

The CPI team at the show

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